‘A Flower Child’ is a platform for Visual Arts, Children’s Books and Storytelling founded by Neha Khaitan.


A ‘flower child’ symbolizes a bohemian. The origin of the term was a result of the social tensions in 1960s in San Francisco during the countercultural movement when a large group of eclectic people stressed on the emergence of an alternate lifestyle, rejected consumerism and opposed the Vietnam war. Then, these ‘flower children’ wore and distributed flowers or floral themed decorations to spread the ideals of universal belonging, peace, love and their counter cultural ideals. ‘A Flower Child’ is an adaptation of this ideology of  passive resistance (also called well known as the ‘Flower Power’ slogan) – Spreading one’s ideas using words, actions, performing arts, fine arts and other forms has great power and does a great deal of good to society, communities, nation and people in general.

Neha Khaitan

Neha is a Bharatanatyam dancer and Visual Artist from Hyderabad. Starting as a Computer Sciences Engineer, she shifted to a career in performing and visual arts.


Neha started learing Bharatanatyam in the year 2006 from Late Guru Smt. Hemamalini Arni. Guru Arni had learnt her abhinaya from the legendary Padmabhushan Smt. T Balasaraswati and she has been fortunate to have inherited the legacy and learn the intricacies of this traditional classical dance form from her Guru.


‘Anekdotes – many stories’  is a storytelling initiative from ‘A Flower Child.’ Curated from various sources or written from the scratch, these stories offer a unique insight into the art of storytelling to convey messages and also develop emotive skills. The stories are embellished with the elements of Indian Classical Dance – mudras or hand-gestures, expressions or body language and abhinaya or enactment, if the stories demand. Through this channel and on-stage storytelling performances with Classical Music, Anekdotes aspires to make learning and expressing a fun, engaging activity for all children and their parents. Please visit the Storytelling Page here

Visual Arts

Neha’s work is a product of her ideas  on what she reads and general experiences that have left an impression on her. Her styles primarily include ink-on-paper and mixed-media collages. She also uses surreal and abstract imagery in her artwork. She draws inspiration from Romare Bearden and Hannah Hoch. She is intrigued by the works of Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Amrita Sher-Gil and Rabindranath Tagore. She also follows the Fauvist style of paintings and likes to experiment with the style. Visit her Visual Arts here.

Children’s Books

Neha illustrates for children’s books and the first volume of her series of Situational Math Activity book is being published by Rupa Publication. She has also illustrated for an anthology by Bees Publication. She is currently working on a book for young adults.

Anekdotes – many stories

‘Anekdotes – many stories’ is the storytelling wing of ‘A Flower Child’.

Classical Dramatic Storytelling has been a part of the Indian tradition and culture and it is slowly becoming a dying art. Neha started storytelling for in its simplest form for Schools and NGOS. 

Neha, being a Classical Dancer, included elements of Classical Dance, abhinaya or expressions and, mudras or hand gestures and the Indian Classical dance body language, into snippets of her  stories. Under constant encouragement and guidance of her Guru this gradually blossomed into something completely different from where she had started. She named this storytelling initiative ‘Anekdotes – many stories’ and she has a Youtube Channel by the same name where she posts new stories every other Saturday. 

Here is the link to the Channel.

She started worked with highly accomplished musicians like Sri Sai Kolanka and Dr. R Srikanth. Sri Sai composes various music and jathi or rhythmic patterns to which Neha choreographs snippets of her stories. And she saw this beautiful metamorphosis of Anekdotes from a simple ance based storytelling session  – to a stream of stories replete with dance sequences set to classical music, and the biggest discovery for her was that she saw this as a revival of the slowly fading rich tradition of classical dramatic storytelling. 

“Energetic and Expressive” by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, a renowned Classical Singer from the Patiala Gharana in Lahore, Pakistan’

Peek into some stories


Himsuka was a pet parrot of the King of Vidarbha. They had formed a bond of fondness and playfulness. Until an unwanted incident occurs, which changes their lives forever. Performed at Saptaparni, Hyderabad on 2nd Nov 2019.

Seven Brides for Seven Princes

Once upon a time, a king had seven sons. As fate would have it, all the princes were married to beautiful and talented wives. But the youngest prince, got a monkey as his companion. Watch the story to find how life takes a turn for the youngest prince.

Watch the whole Video here – Seven Brides for Seven Princes

The Cow of Plenty

How did Sage Vishwamitra become a sage from a powerful King? Watch the story to find out!

Keep watching more stories here

At Schools and NGOs

Storytelling at Sloka Waldorf

Performance at Sloka – The Hyderabad Waldorf School.

The students of the fourth grades were learning the Geography of Hyderabad then. To my immense pleasure and honor Sloka Waldorf School requested to me present a story on Hyderabad. 

‘Siege of Golconda Fort by Aurangzeb’ 

The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was confident he would complete his Deccan Campaign in a couple of weeks. But it took him eight long months. What caused this long? And how did he finally manage to capture the massive Golconda. Watch the story to see how.

Newsletter in Sloka Waldorf School