‘Anekdotes – many stories’ is the storytelling wing of ‘A Flower Child’.

Classical Dramatic Storytelling has been a part of the Indian tradition and culture and it is slowly becoming a dying art. Neha started storytelling for in its simplest form for Schools and NGOS. 

Neha, being a Classical Dancer, included elements of Classical Dance, abhinaya or expressions and, mudras or hand gestures and the Indian Classical dance body language, into snippets of her  stories. Under constant encouragement and guidance of her Guru this gradually blossomed into something completely different from where she had started. She named this storytelling initiative ‘Anekdotes – many stories’ and she has a Youtube Channel by the same name where she posts new stories every other Saturday. 

Here is the link to the Channel.

She started worked with highly accomplished musicians like Sri Sai Kolanka and Dr. R Srikanth. Sri Sai composes various music and jathi or rhythmic patterns to which Neha choreographs snippets of her stories. And she saw this beautiful metamorphosis of Anekdotes from a simple ance based storytelling session  – to a stream of stories replete with dance sequences set to classical music, and the biggest discovery for her was that she saw this as a revival of the slowly fading rich tradition of classical dramatic storytelling. 

“Energetic and Expressive” by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, a renowned Classical Singer from the Patiala Gharana in Lahore Pakistan’

Peek into some stories


Himsuka was a pet parrot of the King of Vidarbha. They had formed a bond of fondness and playfulness. Until an unwanted incident occurs which changes their lives forever. Performed at Saptaparni, Hyderabad on 2nd Nov 2019.

Seven Brides for Seven Princes

Once upon a time, a king had seven sons.As fate would have it, all the princes were married to beautiful and talented wives. But the youngest prince,  got a monkey as his companion. Watch the story to find how life takes a turn for the youngest prince.

Watch the whole Video here – Seven Brides for Seven Princes

The Cow of Plenty

How did Sage Vishwamitra become a sage from a powerful King? Watch the story to find out!

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At Schools and NGOs

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