‘Anekdotes – many stories’  is a storytelling initiative from ‘A Flower Child.’ Curated from various sources or written from the scratch, these stories would offer children a unique insight into the art of storytelling to convey messages and also develop their emotive skills. The stories are embellished with the elements of Indian Classical Dance – mudras or hand-gestures, expressions or body language and abhinaya or enactment, if the stories demand. Every story is also accompanied by a title illustration of its own. Through this channel and on-stage storytelling performances, Anekdotes aspires to make learning and expressing a fun, engaging activity for all children and their parents.

Please visit the YouTube channel and subscribe here.

Story 1 – Seven Brides for Seven Princes 

Once upon a time, a king had seven sons.As fate would have it, all the princes were married to beautiful and talented wives. But the youngest prince,  got a monkey as his companion. Watch the story to find how life takes a turn for the youngest prince.

Watch the whole Video here – Seven Brides for Seven Princes

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