I have been reading a novel which centers on Rumi, Shams of Tabriz and Sufism. One of the chapters is religious bigot’s monologue which is quite disdainful of wandering dervishes. He is contemptuous that dervishes do not adhere to rules and sharia and drinking, dancing, music, poetry and painting seem to be more vital to them that religious duties. He is amused how they believe everyone is entitled to his own personal quest for God and peace. And what good could come out of a man who himself cannot settle down, can drift in every direction. There is an interesting parallelism between this and a slightly more worldly truth that hippies or mavericks, who are pretty counter cultural in their acts of spreading peace and love, are also viewed by the “rule and convention adhering” society in the same negative light of being vagabond-ish and having no permanent identity. Living beyond a world the society has orchestrated sets tongues waggling – it is pathetic!

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